Magnolia Blossom Review

Friday, October 25, 2013 (Review by Magnolia Blossom Review)

Scott Driscoll, Better You Go Home

 I really enjoyed ‘Better You Go Home’ by Scott Driscoll. It’s one of the better ‘contemporary literary fiction’ stories I’ve read in a while. It’s well worth shelling out about $7 for the eBook (I think the Kindle price is $6.95 – currently – but you always have to check because sometimes the prices vary!) Coffeetown Press (a small independent publishing group) got very lucky with Scott Driscoll as I’m sure he’s got quite a future ahead of him! Way to go Scott and way to go Coffeetown Press…it’s always nice to see Independent Authors who find a home a smaller publishing houses – it gives the rest of us IAs hope that there’s a small house out there just waiting for us to ‘come home!’–L. Avery Brown, Owner, The Magnolia Blossom Review


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