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Welcome to my blog. Here I’ll write about my debut novel, BETTER YOU GO HOME due to launch in October 2013, the research that went into it, the translation of family story into fiction, the history of area (including related topics such as use of torture), and on the work of writing, including personal tips gleaned from years of teaching writing to adults. 

We seek abroad what is missing in our own lives, what we hunger for in vain at home.” Alain de Botton


10 thoughts on “Welcome to Scott Driscoll Blogs

      • Thank you for asking–I mostly write genre fantasy. Strong characters with real emotions and reactions are (I hope) the core of my work. I simply set them in an alternate setting, which offers more opportunity for mayhem. I am growing in the craft, and each seminar or workshop I am able to get to helps with that process.

        I took ‘Better You Go Home’ on vacation with me (the reason for my delay in replying.) It is simply gripping. The way the interactions and conversations are portrayed is both realistic and compelling. I normally find first person narrative hard to get into, but I felt an immediate connection with the way Chico’s mind works. I will be putting together my review this week.

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