Bike Trip to Puglia, Italy: First stop in Bari

We asked our fourteen-year-old son: if you could do another bike tour in Europe, where would you like to go? When he was ten we’d biked the Loire Valley. He excitedly said, “Rome!” He’d spent four years studying Latin. He understood abstractly that nobody in Italy spoke Latin, but surely it would be inscribed on […]

Developing Your Storytelling Voice

  Storytelling gets done using a voice. Knowing which voice requires knowing something about your options. At the recent Write On The Sound (WOTS) conference in Edmonds, Washington I gave a presentation on different voices to use for story telling , but we ran out of time for the final practice exercise. Here is a […]

Upcoming Fall 2019 Writing Classes

For a look at my two fall creative writing classes starting up in Seattle this fall, 2019, please see below.   Looking for a fiction writing course that covers the essentials of craft? The UW Continuum Fiction 101 course that starts Wednesday, October 2 would be the place to jump in. We’ll look at story […]