An Opportunity for an Excellent Writing Class

I know, I know, January seems like an odd time to start a writing class, but think of this as an intensive. In six months, January through June, those who sign up for this new (in its second year, actually) Literary Fiction I hybrid writing class (WRI FIC 110) will take a wildly intense flaneur-guided tour through story arc into the darkest heart of unsayable subtext and back out with stops in between at points of view, narrative distance, off-duty versus on-duty details, scene, voice, crisis moments, and reversals and lots more. Worried it won’t suit your needs? Visit the webinar scheduled for Noon on Wednesday, December 10. See the link below to join the webinar. For specific info about the class and to sign up, go to the link on this page or go to the blog pages and click on “upcoming classes.”

Writing Fiction Burroway 8th Ed


The University of Washington, Professional and Continuing Education will host a webinar noon on Wednesday, December 10 to discuss the upcoming Literary Fiction I hybrid course, WRI FIC 110 that starts in January. Here is the sign up link for the Literary Fiction I webinar on December 10:



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