Value, Character, And Why We Can’t Live Without Stories

Okay, this will be the topic we will talk about tomorrow night, March 27th, 7:30 PM at  Eagle Harbor Book Co. – 157 Winslow Way E., Bainbridge Island / 206-842-5332.  The talk will include a short reading from Better You Go Home. Acoma_Pueblo_Sky_City Why does “value” matter? In Death Comes For the Archbishop, Willa Cather describes the rock ledge upon which the Acoma people built their village. No water, no plants. Why, she asks, would these people build their lives on an inhospitable rock shelf? “All this plain, the Bishop gathered, had once been the scene of a periodic man-hunt; these Indians, born in fear and dying by violence for generations, had at last taken this leap away from the earth, and on that rock had found the Hope of all suffering and tormented creatures – safety. they came down to the plain to hunt and to grow their crops, but here was always a place to go back to. If a band of Navajos were on the  Acoma’s trail, there was still one hope; if he could reach his rock – Sanctuary!”   The “value” Cather describes here is “hope.” Hope for what? Sanctuary. The Acomas’ rock is the value upon which characters in stories stand. It’s what they go back to for sanctuary, what they leave at their peril.   If you can make it to Bainbridge Island Thursday night, join us at Eagle Harbor Books and we’ll talk about value and character and how stories parallel our lives.


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