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Check out this interview with book reviewer and talk show host Donna Seebo on PWRNetwork Radio (see announcement below).

This book world is full of surprises. Today, the day after doing this interview, I received notification that my debut novel, Better You Go Home, has won Foreword Reviews quarterly first book competition along with a five-star review (“the reviewer loved it”). In the very same email stream I received notice that a Czech book club found inaccuracies in the book. I worried about this, and my concern overshadows the pleasing news. I am going to meet with them and find out what was wrong regarding language and facts. The emotional “truths” I discovered while writing this book I must own, and for them I will take my lumps. But  the facts should be correct. French author and film-maker, Alain Robbe-Grillet, was once criticized for claiming a certain bird flew over his island, whereas, he was informed, those birds do not live or fly anywhere near that region. His reply: “In my story they do.” I do not intend to respond in this manner. I find this to be disingenuous and frankly smug and unnecessary.  This is my apology to any Czech speakers who might have been offended by mistaken facts in my novel.


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2 thoughts on “A Radio Chat

  1. Congrats on the award. As to the inaccuracies, gravity depends if they are errors of craft or substance. Do they change the meaning of the story? Are they egregious or trivial? Layne Maheu’s editor, as you may know, had him scratch out the word “colossal” because it was anachronistic. Julian Barnes Flaubert’s Parrot addressed this dilemma, as well.

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