Hope is Not…

Hope is not…counting on the outcome of an NFL playoff game for your sense of well-being.

Or, if you’re concerned about being labeled a philistine…

“Hope is not…being convinced that what you’re doing will turn out well.” This is a quote from Vaclav Havel. He was explaining to the western press how it was possible to keep up the good fight behind the Iron Curtain.

Hope is…

Counting on the teams to decide their own fate.

Hope is… attending a workshop/reading with Better You Go Home author, Scott Driscoll at Couth Buzzard Books Sunday, Jan 19th – 6:00 pm –  8310 Greenwood Ave. N.  Seattle, WA  /  206- 436-2960.

If you were Havel…

“Hope is…finding a way to believe that it makes sense to do what you’re doing, that it is the right thing to do, whether it turns out well or not.”

Bedrich and Marie in Pisecna farmhouse0001


These are Czech relatives living in the old Lenoch/Dostal farmhouse in Pisecna. They reminded me of Havel’s quote. I think of them and heed his advice whenever I sit down to write.


3 thoughts on “Hope is Not…

  1. Reblogged this on 1,000 Words A Day and commented:
    Many of you know that I took the UW Literary Fiction Program a few years ago. Scott was the instructor of the class, and he’d mention his novel every now and again. His blog is filled with interesting additional insights about his process and how he twists the real world into his fictional world. If you have the time to go to his workshop in Seattle on Sunday, I highly recommend you go. He’ll even sign a copy of the book for you. His novel, “Better You Go Home” is rich in character and story, and his lecture is sure to inspire you to write and to read. I went to his launch party a few months ago, and found his lecture inspiring. Hope my writing friends can make it, but even if you’ve never written anything the lecture makes reading more interesting.

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