Writing Philosophy

Scott Driscoll Blogs… After asking what I did for a living, the cashier at a grocery store I frequented gave me a confused look and said, “Oh, you teach fiction? What’s that? Is that, like, making stuff up?” There was no line—it was late, after class—so I told her the following story. One sweltering Sunday […]

A Radio Chat

Check out this interview with book reviewer and talk show host Donna Seebo on PWRNetwork Radio (see announcement below). This book world is full of surprises. Today, the day after doing this interview, I received notification that my debut novel, Better You Go Home, has won Foreword Reviews quarterly first book competition along with a […]

Conflict as Gap

Stories begin when an event disturbs the balance of forces in a character’s familiar world. Each event that follows directs the character’s conscious desire on a quest toward a goal that should, if achieved, resolve the disturbance. This Saturday afternoon, Feb 22nd, 4:00 PM at Village Books in Bellingham, WA (1200 11th Street, 98225 / […]

Fact or Fiction

Fact or fiction: does the distinction matter? If we think it doesn’t matter, does that make us crazy? How real is the distinction? In my novel, Better You Go Home, I describe young Rosalye as tall, thin, with “razor” eyes and breasts like lively colts. Of course, I never laid eyes on this person. Was […]

Hope is Not…

Hope is not…counting on the outcome of an NFL playoff game for your sense of well-being. Or, if you’re concerned about being labeled a philistine… “Hope is not…being convinced that what you’re doing will turn out well.” This is a quote from Vaclav Havel. He was explaining to the western press how it was possible […]

Where is my Home?

“A sad gray place.” These words were spoken to me as a way of describing what my Czech family’s homeland had become. A few years after the Velvet Revolution, this seemed apt. But not everywhere. Approaching Oucmanice, the village with the original Lenoch house, I had rather an impression of prosperity, industry – dare I […]